The new project: The Fall

The beginnings of our new project are germinating. We have spent a week having fantastic conversations, our first auditions with child actors and a glimpse into the potential of the animation we will be using. Here is a little peek at our ideas so far…

It will be a story about the ineffable darkness of mental health, depression and subsequent susceptibility to suicide. A story about the power of stories when the medium of literal expression can only lie stagnant. A story about the inwardly-prescribed suppression of Hope; Hope is exorcised and shrouded by the burden of Despair, all too often. All too often, Hope’s attempts to be seen are in vain and she bears witness to harrowing tragedies. But Hope has many forms, and she can be very stubborn.

 Here, we have Hope in the profile of a little girl who enters the life of a man with Darkness. His Dark storytelling is tailgated and gradually infected by the Hope the little girl innocently imposes on him.

The project will combine film (projection), live music, animation and onstage performance. We are so excited to be working with the medium of animation and its potential to unfold beautiful and dark stories, that need to be told.

~ other news from this week:

This week, we also went to the This Changes Everything conference on climate change and what we can do now. It was a fascinating event and enriching in every way. Find the moments that jumped out for us on our Twitter.

The SANE helpline has been opened. If you are in need of personal, emotional support of any kind, give them a bell. 0845 767 8000

And, if you feel that mental health has been inappropriately handled in the media, please do make a complaint. Showing a united front against misreports and misinformation is crucial.