Tartuffe on the Roof

Tartuffe on the Roof was an outdoor comedy, scripted by Jamie Wilkes. This was a wonderful way to help the company develop devising and improvisation techniques in a relaxed context. The project involved rotating cast of 16 actors performing outside in January. Mud, fun, hot soup and commedia dell’arte.

~ensemble on stage:
Evan Milton, Mbuguah Goro, Owen Good, Mikey Theodosiou, Hannah Van den Brul, Natalie Simpson, Luke Davies, Hannah Berry, Kiki Lawrance, Louie Corpe, Grace Swordy, Hannah Young, Lia Ikkos Serrano, Daniel Raggett, Phil Marzouk, Gabrielle Sonabend

~ behind the scenes:
Produced by EmpathEyes // production team: Madeleine Upton // film and photography: Rajee // Direction: Tarzan

Production images by Rajee