Project Bald

Project Bald was inspired by the memory of a young man named Jeffrey Klein and his father’s subsequent posts on Kleinsaucer. The event took place across the globe on Jeff’s birthday, raising money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

“No doubt, Jeff would regret what has happened, but his death was not in vain; his untimely passing has pushed us to act on this growing epidemic, it has induced an urgency in us to be scrupulously aware of and grateful for the relationships that nurture us and are nurtured by us, and reminds us not to take each other for granted.
Today we celebrate his life, and the lives of all those who have slipped from our grasp.  Today we learn to tighten our grip, to empathise, to be selfless and self aware.  Suicide is one of the main killers of our recent generations.  Too many of us out there have been affected by suicides and attempted suicides—too many of us have fleetingly toyed with the idea.  We will learn from days like those and days like these, and we will look out for each other and we will remind each other of the priorities in life, of the beauty that surrounds us, of the stupor of our existence.
Today is not a funeral, it is a birthday, and we shall treat it as such.”

Stephen Fry

Trailer – Project Bald

~ all of those involved:
Tarzan: going completely bald (London)
Mo: going completely bald (London)
Hannah Harris: dying hair red (London)
Ozan: going completely bald (Cameroon)
Koichi Shikayama: going completely bald (Japan)
Siraj Khan: waxing chest (Liverpool)
Stephen Fry: tweeted to the world (Mumbai)
Suay Paralik: dying hair orange (Cyprus)
Matt Bradley: going completely bald (New Zealand)
Tural Ahmedzade: going completely bald (London)
Daniel Botcherby: going completely bald (London)
Derek Schlickeisen: going completely bald (USA)
Phil Rackley: going completely bald (Canada)
Vanessa Casperz: busking – uke and beatbox (London)
Rich Klein: cutting hair really really short (New York)
Claire Lewis: donating all birthday presents (Paris)
Orhan Gemikonakli: re-shaping facial hair (London)
Eylem Kanol: shaving beard and braiding hair (Berlin)
Mine Kanol: braiding hair (Berlin)
Mo’s Mummy: (Iranian food: London)
Laurence (Luciano L. Vasili): busking (London)
Amanda Red Foxwell: dying hair blonde (London)
Susanne Thomas: new hairstyle (Bangkok)
Abraham Isak: cutting hair really really short (London)
Imogen Lewis: dying hair red (London)
Tijen Gemikonakli: dying hair blue (London)
Ferzan Paralik: dying hair pink (Cyprus)
George Hazlaris: polishing head (USA)
Drew Klein: haircut (New York)
Carey Klein: haircut (New York)
Brett Klein: haircut (New York)
Phil Rackley: going completely bald (Montreal)
Alex Arnon: going completely bald (unknown)
Lucian Parziale: buzz cut (USA)
Matt Statman: haircut (USA)
Andrew Becker: haircut (USA)
Paul Woldar: attempted haircut (USA)
Rajee: video and pictures (London)
Stefano Andrean: haircut (London)
Ryan Williams: haircut (New York)
Jodee LaMotta Novak: haircut (USA)
Marlene Glazer Lippmann: haircut and color (USA)
Francesca Hagadus: haircut and color (USA)
Ashley Suan: haircut (USA)
Allie Cavallaro: haircut (USA)
Kelly Williams: haircut (USA)
Terry E. Logan: haircut (USA)
Vikash Khanna: haircut (USA)
Jamie Penaloza: cookies (London)
Olcay Koc: cookies (London)
Ceren Yilmaz: Bakesale (London)

Full Film – Project Bald