One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

The EmpathEyes version of OFOTCN was performed at The Arcola Theatre and at Theatro Technis. This was a demanding yet incredibly rewarding project with an inspiring cast of 25 people, ranging from ages 16-61. We infused the play with live music composed by Max Wilson.

★★★★★from SosoGay
“EmpathEyes demonstrates that London’s fringe circuit can easily trump some of the more polished and hyped productions running at the larger venues…it takes a talented and adept company such as EmpathEyes to realise the work with such phenomenal success.”

★★★★★from Remotegoat
“The directing is sensitive and original, with some magical touches such as the sequences where the whole cast and musicians work together to illuminate Chief Bromden’s monologues and where an otherwise catatonic patient sings…A very impressive production, not to be missed.”

~ensemble on stage (both versions):
DK Ugonna, George Fisher, Dan Addis, Robert Rowe, Christopher Eastwood, Phil Mann, Gul Y Davis, Marco Aponte, Matthew Milner, Sam Child, Mbuguah Goro, Terrence Anderson, Ozan Gemikonakli, Adam Loxley, Thiruvarangan Thirunimalan, Beth Eyre, Kate Kenyon, Kiki Lawrance, Eugene Pooley, Nigel Bernard, Christopher Jenner-Cole, Kristina Epenetos

~musicians (both versions): Ruth Wilson (voice), Luis dos Reis (violin), Max Wilson (pianist), Laura Lee Tanner (flute), Ella Baruch (viola), Kostas Spanos (double bass), Sophie McKechnie (cello), Olivia Flenley (voice)

~ behind the scenes (both versions):
produced by EmpathEyes // film and photography: Rajee and Laura Linck // Composer/Musical Director : Max Wilson // Direction: Tarzan // production team: Imogen Lewis, Aliya Abidi, Kiran Gill and Alex Rodin // lighting and sound designer: Marie Kearney // Stage Manager: Maria Kelesidi, Nicola Maddox // Artwork: Ric Lipson


Images from the production and filming