We are a performing arts company that thrives on making  work that is raw, honest and has at its core the desire to collaborate with others and fundamentally challenge ourselves and our audiences.

Our projects stem from the desire to expose and explore the deep crevices of inequality and injustice. We have been drawn to epic stories like ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’, ‘The Goat’,1984’ and Kafka’s ‘Trial’ and have brought these to life on stage by adding our own touch of physicality, music and film to the mix. We are deeply inspired by art that makes us question and not sit idle and we beckon our audiences to do the same.

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empatheyes2014logo~ The inspiration behind our name and logo ~

Sometimes we have a tendency to shy away from sincere empathy. The boundaries between façade of charity and sincere compassion can occasionally be clouded. Certain empathies are oft neglected or eternally postponed when we fear the consequences too detrimental to our egos or comfort zones.

The image is a third eye in to a world of humanity that we know exists but have, to varying degrees, chosen to ignore or delay further pursuit of. It is understanding empathy as an imaginative projection of one’s own consciousness onto another.

The eye has forced itself from the back of the cranium, straining to see truth and to empatheyes. The truths it reveals are… well, eye-opening, yet sinister. We are thrown into a new world of pain, and wisdom. As well as feeling regret, we feel aware. As well as acceptance of our ignorance, we feel inspired to make change.

A dark enlightenment.